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On This Day in History - 29th March


1790John Tyler, Former American President
1902Sir William Walton, English composer
1931Lord (Norman) Tebbit, Tory politician and TV presenter
1943Julie Goodyear, Cornation Streets 'Bet Lynch'
1943John Major, Conservative Prime Minister
1944Vangelis, Greek musician
1944John Suchet, Television journalist
1949Michael Brecker, Of the group 'The Brecker Brothers'


1871Queen Victoria opened the Royal Albert Hall in London
1940Bank of England Pound notes were issued containing metal strips as an anti forgery device
1974The American spacecraft Mariner 10 took close-up photographs of Mercury
1981The first ever London marathon was held; won by an American, Dick Beardsley
1982The film 'Chariots of Fire' won an 'Oscar' for best film
1988Plans were announced, for the construction of Europe's tallest 'skyscraper', on Canary Wharf, London
1992Earl Spencer, the father of the Princess of Wales, died