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On This Day in History - 17th September


1901Francis Chichester, Single handed yachtsman
1929Stirling Moss, English racing champion
1931Anne Bancroft, American film actress
1931Roddy McDowell, American film & TV actor
1934Maureen Connolly, American tennis player
1942Desmond Lynham, Television sports presenter
1948John Ritter, American comedy film actor


1787The Constitution of the United States of America was signed
1900A federation of six colonies became the Commonwealth of Australia
1910The first ever flight over the Alps took place
1931The first long playing record was demonstrated in New York
1944Blackout regulations were lifted in Britain
1944Allied paratroops landed at Arnhem, Holland
1978A meeting between Egyptian & Israeli leaders created a framework for Middle East peace
1986Pat Phoenix, the Coronation Street actress, died