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On This Day in History - 26th January


1880Douglas MacArthur, American wartime general
1905Baroness Maria Von Trapp, On who the Sound Of Music was based
1908Stephane Grappelli, French jazz violinist
1922Michael Bentine, British comedian & writer
1925Paul Newman, American Actor & Oscar winner
1928Eartha Kitt, American singer/actress
1945Marti Caine, English comic
1957Eddie Van Halen, Rock guitarist
1958Norman Hassan, Of the group 'UB40'


1788The first English convicts arrived in Australia
1823Edward Jenner, the pioneer of vaccination, died
1841Hong Kong became a British soverign territory
1871The English Rugby Union was formed in London
1905The world's largest diamond was found near Pretoria, South Africa
1950India became a democratic republic within the Commonwealth
1956Heroin imports and exports were banned in the United Kingdom
1972The first London performance of 'Godspel' took place
1986The Sunday Times & News of the World were printed at Wapping for the first time
1990Hurricane force winds caused much damage in southern Britain
1994A protester fired blanks at Prince Charles on his tour in Sydney