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On This Day in History - 25th May


1803Ralph W. Emerson, American poet
1881Bela Bartok, Hungarian composer
1892Josip Tito, Former Yugoslavian president
1926Miles Davis, American jazz trumpet player
1938Margaret Forster, Author
1939Ian McKellen, English actor
1945Dave Lee Travis, Disc jockey


1703Samuel Pepys, the English diarist, died
1768Explorer Captain Cook set sail on his first voyage
1907The first national assembly, in which women had parliamentary seats, opened in Finland
1910French troops occupied Morocco, North Africa
1914The Irish Home Rule bill was passed
1935Athlete Jesse Owens set six world records in under an hour
1945Arthur C.Clark suggested using relay satellites to cover the Earth
1953Road transport was denationalised in Britain
1961President Kennedy announced the plan to send men to the Moon
1986Sport Aid, helping to raise money for the starving in Africa, took place