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On This Day in History - 20th June


1906Catherine Cookson, English novelist
1909Errol Flynn, Australian born Hollywood film actor
1916Johnny Morris, Television presenter of 'Animal Magic'
1941Stephen Frears, English born film director
1950Lionel Richie, American singer
1953Cyndi Lauper, American singer


1895The 'Doctor of Science' award was given to a woman for the first time
1914The German warship Bismark was launched
1958The London bus strike ended after seven weeks
1960A woman read the BBC national news for the first time
1984A new exam, called GCSE, replaced the existing O levels
1986The movement of sheep was banned after they ate grass contaminated by fallout from Chernobyl
1990A new currency unit, the Ecu, was proposed by Chancellor John Major
1992Czechoslovakia was split into two separate states