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On This Day in History - 27th June


1462Louis XII, King of France
1844Joseph Smith, Founder of the Mormon church
1846Charles Stewart Parnell, Irish leader
1859Mildred Hill, Composer of 'Happy Birthday'
1880Helen Keller, American author
1938Shirley Ann Field, Actress
1938Tommy Cannon, Comedian


1918The parachute was used for first time to save someones life
1946Bread rationing began in the UK, just after the war
1960The Soviets walked out on the arms talks with America
1961Dr Ramsey became the new Archbishop of Canterbury
1961NASA's X-15 rocket plane reached a record speed of 4,105 mph
1967Barclays Bank opened Britains first cash dispenser
1975The hunting of Finback whales was banned
1977French Somaliland became the independent country of Djibouti
1986A Bugatti sports car was sold for a record 6.5 million dollars