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Keep Fit Association (Northamptonshire)

various locations
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The Keep Fit Association (KFA) gives thousands of us the opportunity to get together to exercise regularly in a spirit of fun and friendship.  Through our classes, we have successfully changed the lives of many people by introducing them to fitness through movement and dance, resulting in more energetic, healthier and happier lifestyle all round.

Under the collective banner of KFA Moves, members can choose a unique and individual programme of class styles to help them keep fit and stay healthy throughout their changing life.

The East Midlands Region of the Keep Fit Association comprises Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, and Nottinghamshire. We teach classes and organise members’ events both locally, together within our region and, as a region, take part in national events such as the National AGM get together, our bi-annual Festival of Movement and Dance at the Albert Hall and National Competitions in Blackpool.

KFA teachers teach safe and effective movement, exercise and dance classes for people of all ages and abilities. Our Teacher training programme is recognised nationally and all registered Teachers are listed under the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Physical well-being is the KFA’s primary objective and our classes are designed to enhance the body’s natural abilities. We believe in a holistic approach to exercise, taking care of the body, mind and spirit as well as aiming to encourage self-expression, confidence and self-esteem.

As enjoyment and variety are prime ingredients in a KFA class, participants are motivated to maintain their commitment to the long term and encouraged to take part in other physical and social activities which develop a more active lifestyle in general.

This is why we say Keep Fit for Life!